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Attractions We Visit

Lake Carraízo, also known as Lake Loíza

A reservoir located between the municipalities of Trujillo Alto, Caguas and Gurabo. Is one of the most importants lakes of Puerto Rico. The lake is located about 45 minutes to an hour from the Metropolitan area in San Juan. The lake is supplied by the waters of the Río Grande de Loíza, Río Gurabo, Río Cagüitas, Río Cañas and others streams in the area. As in an average in Carraizo you could catch 80% Peacock Bass and 20% Largemouth Bass.

Lake Cerrillos in Ponce

The Lake Cerrillos Dam is located about four miles (6 km) northeast of Ponce. Lake Cerrillos Dam has a total capacity of 59 million cubic meters. The Dam is located 9.5 miles (15.3 km) from the coast of Ponce. The lake was finished in 1992 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The main purposes of the reservoir are flood control, water supply, and recreation. There is a variety of fish available for fishing such as Largemouth Bass, Sun Fish, Catfish and Tilapias.

Lake la Plata

La Plata is a lake located between the municipalities of Naranjito, Toa Alta, and Bayamón in Puerto Rico. The lake was created in 1973 and serves as a reservoir for potable water. The lake has a recreation area which promotes lake sportfishing and is set on a rolling hillside with 24 new picnic shelters with BBQ grills. Anglers and their families can fish for largemouth, peacock bass and other species.

Lake Lucchetti in Yauco

Lago Lucchetti is a Reservoir in Yauco County, Puerto Rico. Largemouth Bass is the name of the game in this lake.

San Jose Lagoon

San Jose Lagoon, is one of the most exciting Lagoons in Puerto Rico. It is close to the International Airport and within 10 minutes to the major hotels in the area. In San Jose Lagoon you can catch Tarpon, Snook, Jacks and Mangrove Snappers.